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Education Links - A Welcome Note

Welcome to Alvie Consolidated School, Alvie Consolidated School is a ‘learning community’ where children’s growth is collaboratively nurtured. Our learning environment is designed holistically to support child development. The following points support this approach and provides more information about our learning community:

  •  A whole of school strategy for wellbeing and positive learning.  In 2018 we begun the implementation of the ‘School Wide Positive Behavior Program’.  This approach is centered on core school values and their link to all aspects of behavior and learning.  Children are explicitly taught social behaviors, emotional literacy and productive learning behaviors. 
  • We focus specifically on teaching and developing effective learning behaviors.  By focusing on developing the thinking required to be a good learner, we have shown improved and sustained academic performance.  Students are able to identify which learning behaviors will enable them to be successful for specific learning tasks.  For example, collaboration, self-regulation, attention to detail, questioning, self-managed learning etc. 
  • In the early years, children engage daily in a nature based developmental play program, which occurs in our large seasonal wetland area.  We have found this program to have remarkable effects on positive wellbeing and effective learning.  Through their play, children learn to regulate and express their emotions, appropriate social engagement, collaboration, language skills, fine and gross motor skills and connection to natural environments. 
  • Our literacy programs are designed to engage children in their learning.  The emphasis is the development of children’s thinking skills when they communicate.  Our Readers and Writers Workshops are designed specifically to differentiate learning based on individual learning abilities.  Children are taught to think as writers and to engage in topics that interest them.   We provide regular feedback to children, which enables them to be constantly focused on their personal growth. 
  • We explicitly work with children to be responsible citizens and focus on the themes of sustainability, biodiversity and food security.   We are working towards being accredited by Sustainability Victoria as a sustainable school. 
  • We teach children to lead integrated projects that have a product focus.  This is called our Tribes program. In 2018-2019 the groups of students across the whole school, will lead and deliver sustainability projects, increase the school’s biodiversity and create an extensive food garden. 
  • Students with additional needs are welcomed into the Alvie School community.  In addition to our teaching staff, we have a number of Educational Support staff who are appropriately trained to support specific literacy needs of children.  As a government school, we are able to access a wide range of support for students with disabilities and additional needs, ensuring that children are given every chance to achieve and grow. In 2012 the Alvie School received Gateway’s HAPI Award for helping achieve positive inclusion for children with disabilities.  
  • We are very lucky to have three male and three female staff working with students.  We believe this gender mix is important, as it gives your children access to positive gender role models that they may not get in other settings. 
  • Children’s learning is further enhanced by a rich mix of learning opportunities. In addition to our literacy and numeracy programs we deliver: art; music; school camps; sporting competitions; swimming; Sporting Schools program; Bike Education; Waterwatch; Land Care; Perceptual Motor Program. 
  • Two of our teachers are Orff Schulwerk accredited teachers and deliver a percussion based music program for P-6. 
  • Two bus runs service our school and we are able to request route amendments to improve convenience for your child.
  • Our school employs a Student Wellbeing Worker who works with teachers and children to deliver and support our positive learning and wellbeing programs and to address individual needs of students. 
  • There are no school fees to send your child to the Alvie School. Parents need only fund books and materials for class work, as well as camps and excursions.
  • We have excellent access to technology and high speed internet.  All children are allocated individual devices as part of their day to day learning.  Children are able to access a range of learning software at school and home through a variety of subscriptions.  Classrooms are equipped with modern digital learning tools that enhance student learning experiences. 
  • We have an active Parents and Friends Committee who primarily work with the school community to support school programs and provide opportunities for social engagement with parents.  
  • We have magnificent grounds including a full size oval, tennis courts, a wilderness area and extensive gardens.  Our school is set between local landmarks the Red Rock, Lake Corangamite and Warrion Hill, a picturesque and inspirational location.


 If you would like to learn more about our school, please call me to organize a time to meet.






Craig Donahoo