About Us - Our Philosophy



‘Plant the seed’

MISSION what we do


Alvie Primary School’s students experience high levels of engagement and wellbeing in an environment where they develop positive learning behaviours and dispositions that enable them to become successful lifelong learners.

All staff members support a positive learning culture, whilst designing learning experiences based on evidence based best practice.  At Alvie Consolidate School, we nurture a culture of relational trust enabling staff to openly question, collaborate, reflect and support one another.  All staff accept shared responsibility for the academic success and general well-being of all students.

Family engagement and participation is an important element of the school’s culture, improving student wellbeing and strengthening the importance of community to student learning.  


VISION our aspirations


To build a community where students develop a 'Growth Mindset' and are inspired to be creative, critical and curious learners.


VALUES govern our behaviour

Our values are essential to nurturing the positive learning culture of our school. 

RESPECT                                     -                  

   We respect each other, the environment and ourselves.



   We take responsibility for our own learning and behaviours.



   We use grit to achieve our goals and regulate our behaviours.



The guiding principles that inform our practice are:

  • Equal opportunity to participate and grow as learners and community members
  • Multimodal learning and recognition of learner strengths.
  • Interactions occur with kindness, compassion and understanding
  • A nurturing environment giving children the security and opportunity to discover themselves and their world.
  • Providing a safe place to take risks, be vulnerable and make mistakes.
  • Recognising that positive learning environments are created and nurtured
  • Social awareness and respect for cultural diversity within the school and beyond
  • Sustainability and caring of the natural environment

Knowing that successful life-long learners require an important combination of dispositions, skills, values and attitudes.